a Jerry McGuire Moment…

March 22, 2007 at 8:30 pm (ALL Posts, Life, Movies, Thoughts, YouTube)

I have lots of those Jerry McGuire moments. Moments where I just stop, step outside of the here and now, and listen to the inner voice asking these questions:
— Have I found my place in the world? Do I like my place in the world?
— How did I get to where I am right now? Is this where I want to be?
— What exactly do I want and where exactly do I want to be?
— Am I happy? Could I be happier?

Yes, many questions from deep within, but seldom have I had any answers. In rare cases when I do have answers and think things should be made better, I procrastinate… I do that by asking myself even more questions…

Shouldn’t we be happy with what we got? And if I am happy, why would I still want to strive for something more?!?!

Can’t we just STOP wanting and STOP chasing – knowing most of us had it pretty good…??

Jerry Maguire: The Things We Think and Do Not Say



  1. Karen said,


    You know what I think? You should always be asking your self these questions. You should always be looking out for what you want and where you want to be, or else life will just pass you by. If there’s something that you want, then make it happen!

    My thoughts are that the real secret to happiness is balance. In order to be happy, you will need to be selfish and selfless, you will need to give and take, you will need to learn and teach, you will need to observe and act, you will need to satisfy your wants and your needs, you will need to take care of your physical self and your spiritual self.

  2. jim said,

    what is the mariachi band song playing in the jerry maguire movieZ

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